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652 Townsend Circle, PO Box 3041
Mobile, AL 36652
  • We are a nationwide mobile service for overspray removal and a one or full time maintenance Pressure Washing Service. Our business thrives on local, individual auto overspray claims (such as a paint overspray on cars, road paint damage, asphalt run through damage, graffiti, etc…) as well as handling nationwide multi-claim overspray losses. Our technicians are overspray experts, experienced in knowing the difference from a polish being like a paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint (which eliminates fine scratches and creates an incredible high gloss), a wax protecting the shine, extending its life to a great finish and overspray clay or professional detailing clay bar providing deep paint cleaning safely and completely. Overspray Removal is what we do BEST!

    Over 25 Years of Experience Providing:

    1. Hand-Polishing System
    2. Guaranteed Workmanship
    3. Claimant Satisfaction
    4. Company Equipment
    5. Cost Savings
    6. Licensed & Insured
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    For over Forty-six years we have removed all types of vehicle overspray consisting of: paint, epoxies, urethanes, asphalt, tar, concrete, industrial fallout and other chemical contaminants from over 300,000 vehicles, including commercial trucks, boats and aircraft. Our system not only... Read More
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