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  • Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc.

    Full Service National Overspray Claims Management Company.
    For over Forty-six years we have removed all types of vehicle overspray consisting of: paint, epoxies, urethanes, asphalt, tar, concrete, industrial fallout and other chemical contaminants from over 300,000 vehicles, including commercial trucks, boats and aircraft. Our system not only...
  • ACE (American Computer Estimating)

    Desk Review and settlement of auto and property damage claims since 1988. Nationwide turnkey DRP shop network.
  • HT PURDY ENT. Inc.

  • Weller Salvage

    WELLER SALVAGE is a family owned business since 1932 that purchases salvage NATIONWIDE. We are buyers of Heavy Equipment, Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks, RV & AG Salvage.
  • Duncan Systems Inc.

  • DirectRepair Shop Network

    Network of proven, high quality collision centers collaborating with claims professionals for superior program results, & public service.
  • Penn Del Adjustment Service Inc

    Automobile, truck, equipment appraiser's, Residential and commercial property damage estimator/adjuster.

    We are a nationwide mobile service for overspray removal and a one or full time maintenance Pressure Washing Service. Our business thrives on local, individual auto overspray claims (such as a paint overspray on cars, road paint damage, asphalt run through damage, graffiti, etc…) as well as...
  • OversprayUSA LLC

    Why use OversprayUSA? Other methods involve the use of electric buffers or harsh compounds, which could scratch or even burn through the edges and most likely fade the finish. OversprayUSA's hand polishing system eliminates the risk of damage to the paint's finish. OversprayUSA satisfies the...
  • The StoneEagle Group

    Payments are tied directly to claims. TPA's and Underwriters are assured that claims are accurate. Prevents all fraud and overcharge situations. Weeks of reconciliation reduced to minutes a month. No paper, ink, postage, hardware or manual intervention is required. Eliminates a corpotate...