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  • Water & Sewage Damage By Complete Restoration Solutions

    CRS offers emergency services for all types of water and sewage problems. These are two of the most common types of disasters that happen everyday to homeowners and business owners. CRS offers emergency services for these and all types of water and sewage problems. We are on call 24/7, 365 days... Read More
  • Water Spots Removal By Overspray Removal-OversprayRx

    Causes of Water Spots on Vehicle Water spots are caused by dissolved minerals in water. Calcium carbonate (sometimes called lime) is the most common and appears white and chalky when dry. If not removed in a timely manner they can damage the finish on a vehicle. Removal Process The... Read More
  • Web-Based Claims Technology and Software By Insurity, Inc.

    One of the leading claims technology and software providers in this category is Systema Software, a privately-held company dedicated to providing the best claims management software solution in the market. Systema was founded in May 2006 by a leading group of executives from the insurance,... Read More
  • Wood, Laminate, Ceramic, Stone and Vinyl Floor Testing By ITEL Laboratories, Inc.

    ITEL provides a complete laboratory report based on comprehensive analysis of flooring products to help adjusters, contractors, and homeowners reach a fair settlement price on all major installed flooring types. Pad and Underlayment: Tested free-of-charge when sent with a flooring sample.... Read More
  • Worker's Compensation Cost Reduction By CriticalPath Claims Services/Adjuster Assistant®

    Worker's Compensation Cost Reduction Captivated by the benefits of premium recovery? A claims administration program will provide all the benefits of premium recovery without having to wait years to recover. Human Resource & Administration services provide the opportunity to capitalize on... Read More