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  • Pack Out Essentialz Kit By Total Contentz

    Everything You Need to Operate Two (2) Pack-Out Stations 4 - Three-Pocket Waist Aprons 2 - Dark Blue 57”x76” Utility Cloths 2 - Wipe-Off Boards and Markers 2 - Low-Profile Clipboards 2 - Table-Top Tape Dispensers 2 - 12" Rulers 2 - ADAPT, CREATE, PROCEED Lanyards 2 - Quick Draw... Read More
  • Packaging Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Packaging systems can pose challenging problems for manufacturers. We solve complex problems with cartons, cans, bottles, pouches, vials, bags, and more. We've helped manufacturers in the research and development phases, as well as trouble-shooting finished products. Our comprehensive... Read More
  • Patrol Car and Jail Cell Deconamination By Bio-Clean of New Jersey

    Over the course of an arrest, the offender may contaminate either the patrol car or jail cell. Whether the contamination occurred due to a nauseous subject or communicable disease, Bio-Clean of New Jersey is here to take care of all your decontamination needs. Many police departments are... Read More
  • Physical Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services tests the physical properties of materials in order to solve difficult problems. Core capabilities of physical testing include: •Elongation • Izod impact • Melt flow rate • Tensile testing • Density •Compression •Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Chemir offers... Read More
  • Policy Administration - LifePRO By EXL

    EXL's policy administration platform, LifePRO®, supports life, health and annuity products. It is designed to streamline policy administration with features such as: multi-company support, billing and collections; claims processing; tax reporting; a central product rules engine; real-time... Read More
  • Polyurethane Spray Foam By Overspray Removal-OversprayRx

    Spray foam overspray is generated in roofing applications. Polyurethane can be a particularly difficult substrate to remove from an auto depending on the type of spray foam it is. Removal Process Typically the spray foam must be dissolved prior to cleaning. The techniques utilized are... Read More
  • Preferred Tire Care (SM) By CNA National Warranty Corp.

    You may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, but you can help eliminate the possible expense of repairing tire and wheel damage. When you encounter a road hazard that damages a tire or wheel, our Preferred Tire Care(SM) program covers the costs to repair the damaged tire or wheel and... Read More